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The Current Event
Our latest event is LanChelms 11

We will have it in the same place as last time, the beautiful Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church. It is located on:

    Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church
    180 Old Westford Road
    Chelmsford, MA 01824

Date: 01/28/06
Time: 9AM to 10PM
Cost: $25 ahead of time (Note: We are no longer accepting payments at the door)

For directions, type in the above address in Mapquest and it will tell you how to get there. We will have signs up at the entrance, but if you get lost you can call either 978.771.9586 or 978.726.1383 and we will help you find your way.

Included with your registration is:
- A sub of your choice for lunch
- Half of a large pizza for dinner
- As much soda as you can drink
- Tons of assorted snacks to munch on
- Cookies for dessert
- 1 Raffle ticket for a chance to win lots of prizes
- A 10/100 switched network plug (with gigabit uplinks)
- A single power plug
- Adequate table space and a moderately comfy chair

Tournament Information:
We will no longer be running any tournaments at LanChelms. Honestly, we feel that tournaments take away from the friendly atmosphere of a LAN party. Many people agree with us, and that's why we made the decision. However, we will be running several game of the hours including Desert Combat, Battlefield Vietnam, UT2004 Onslaught, UT2004 CTF, and Deathball. See the Games page for a list of game servers we will be running. Also, the best case contest will still be run.

Waiver Form:
Each participant will have to sign a waiver of liability. This is simply for our own protection incase someone decides to fall and drop their computer. You can print out a copy of the waiver here.

Prepay Options:

1.) Send a check or money order (no cash please) to:
Please note: the mailing address has changed!

         c/o Jeff Terrace
         235 Old Westford Rd
         Chelmsford, MA 01824

     Please make checks payable to Jeff Terrace

2.) Send us the money through paypal. Remember, if your paypal account only has a credit card on it and not a bank account, we can't accept your payment. You must have an account with a bank account. If you try to pay with a credit card or with an account that is unverified we WILL DENY YOUR PAYMENT. Here is the paypal information:

         Recipient's Email:
         Amount: $25 for each person you are paying for
         Type: Service
         Subject: LanChelms 11
         Note: Enter here the full name of all the people you are paying for
         Please do not include a shipping address!

We must receive your payment no later than January 21st (assuming spots are still available), so make sure if you're mailing it that you allow enough time for mailing.

Our Rules
No alcohol
No consistently overused profanity
No smoking indoors
No drugs or toxins whatsoever
No audio speakers
No cheating
No physical fighting
No touching of any equipment besides your own without EXPLICIT permission from its owner
No pornography
No illegal software
Any violation of these rules and the offender will be immediately asked to leave the premises, and if necessary the proper authorities will be notified.

What You Should Bring
Monitor (no larger than 19" CRT is preferable)
Mouse Pad
Headphones (no speakers allowed)
Power strip (you only get a single plug)
RJ-45 Ethernet cable (although a cable from your computer to the switch is provided, we recommend you bring one anyway)
Your operating system CD and any driver cd's that you have (in case anything needs to be installed)
Your games (with cd's if necessary)
$30 for admission if you did not pay ahead of time
Make sure you check this list before you leave your house! You can't imagine how many people forget their headphones or an ethernet cable!
What is your favorite computer parts retailer?

Newegg (68%)

Monarch Computer Systems (0%)

Tiger Direct (2%)

ZipZoomFly (2%)

eBay (1%)

Forums (0%)

Comp USA (1%)

I buy pre-made (26%)

864 total

LanChelms is a proud member of the LAN Party Association of New England