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Community | Folding@Home
A research group at Stanford University has created a distributed computing program that uses your idle computer time to simulate the process of a protein folding. By studying this, they believe they might be able to find cures for many diseases including Alzheimer's disease. We have teamed up with four other New England LAN parties: MaxFRAG, NELP, The BadLANs, and T][S to form the New England Gamers Folding Team. The team's stats page is located at:

As you can see, we are already within the top 200 teams out of over 30,000 teams! We know that with your help, we can make it to the top 100. To download the Folding client, go to:

From there, download the client of your choice. When you set up the program, make sure you enter in our team number: 33167. The New England Gamers team website is located at:

Community | Games Donation
On behalf of the whole LanChelms crew, we would like to thank the following LanChelms attendees who donated their games and gaming systems to us for donation to Lowell General's pediatric and the Lowell Boys and Girls Club. They really appreciated your donations, and the LanChelms admins are very proud of the people who attend our event for supporting the community we are a part of.

Sega Saturn, Games Paul Sheehy
N64, Games Alex Lusakhpuryan; Myles Reyes
PC Games Avo Jeknavorian
PC Games Andrew Burke
Sega Saturn Games Shawn Fernand
N64 Games Ronald Hampton
Warcraft III Boxed Set for PC - (nobody has yet come forth to claim this donation, so it currently is considered an anonymous donation)

If you donated any games and somehow did not make it onto this list, please email Brian at and we will update this information.

Also, LanChelms would like to thank Barbara Dunsford at Lowell General, with whom we worked out the details of the donation. Her help and time has been greatly appreciated.

Here are the pictures Brian and Jeff took at LGH:

After we donated these items to LGH, LanChelms was thanked in the LGH monthly newsletter. Here is a scanned version our portion of the newsletter:

We also received a letter from Normand E. Deschene, President & CEO of LGH, thanking us for our donation. You can view the PDF of this letter here.

Since LGH had no computer in their children's ward, we donated the computer games to the Lowell Boys and Girls Club. We would like to thank Frank Peabody, Business Manager of LBGC, for his help in the donation process.

Here are the pictures Craig and Alex took at LBGC:

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them in the LanChelms forum thread allocated for this topic located here

Once again, on behalf of LanChelms, we would like to thank everyone involved.
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