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LanChelms is a crew of people with a common interest of having a good time while playing computer games. With 160 people at our last LAN party, we run the largest LAN party in Massachusetts.

What is a LAN party, exactly?

A LAN party, or a party revolving around a Local Area Network, is a simple yet fun concept: whoever wants to have a good time brings their computer to a location and hooks them together. From there, participants play games until they grow too tired to continue.

Why is LanChelms cool?

Even though we ask for a $25 cover fee, you get grub to stuff your face, drink to fill your bladder, and enough entertainment to cover 12 or more hours. With a movie costing anywhere from $6-10, wed say what you get for what you pay is the best deal on entertainment around. Also, the money that you pay goes right back to you. We dont keep any for ourselves whatsoever, it is all used on food, equipment, and location costs.

Where did you get the idea to do a large LAN party?

While LAN parties are not uncommon at all ( our drive to host a large one stemmed from weekends spent entertaining ourselves with LAN parties of 6-10 people. At one of our small LAN parties, we decided wed like to push for something larger: and thus the idea grew, over the course of a few months, into a reality.

What if I dont like the game that you guys want to play?

This is always a concern: nobody wants to pay money and be bored. That specifically is what is so great about a large LAN party: if you dont want to do something, there is most likely someone else who shares your desire to do something else. And thus, you find your own side activity with which to entertain yourself. Anyways, the LAN party isnt 100% computer games; everyone in the room is just like you - friendships get formed.

What is your favorite computer parts retailer?

Newegg (68%)

Monarch Computer Systems (0%)

Tiger Direct (2%)

ZipZoomFly (2%)

eBay (1%)

Forums (0%)

Comp USA (1%)

I buy pre-made (26%)

864 total

LanChelms is a proud member of the LAN Party Association of New England